Best 2nd Home Safes to Buy

7 Reasons Why Wall Safes are the Best 2nd Home Safes to Buy!

January 28, 2022
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Second-hand safes come in several sizes and shapes, making it difficult for someone who wants to secure their belongings to figure out which one is ideal. The sort of safe you pick depends on the items you intend to store. However, the average safe owner wants to safeguard cash, paper documents, electricals, and other smaller valuables, making all safes the most popular option for 2nd hand safes for sale.

Ask any emergency locksmith, and they will agree that wall safes are the ultimate home safe choice, but don’t just take our word for it, so here are seven benefits to give you a better idea.

  1. Simple to Use

Wall safes are the most convenient 2nd hand safes for sale to operate since you don’t have to bend down to open them, unlike floor safes. Wall safes are placed at eye level, making it easy for the user to organise the contents and maintain track of them by gazing at them anytime they choose, including emergencies! You don’t have to move a rug or desk, and neither bend down, again and again, to open, deposit or take out valuables. Instead, with a floor, safe access becomes less burdensome and more manageable.

  1. Increased Security

For most thieves, speed is of the essence. As a result, they prefer to steal the entire safe and flee rather than having to speed through the process of opening it. A burglar-resistant safe is meant to make it difficult for intruders to access the safe, but a wall safe already has that feature. With proper installation from a reputable emergency locksmith, wall safes are securely attached to the wall. They have thick flanges covering the bolts, making it difficult for a thief to take.

  1. Conserves Space

A wall safe won’t take up too much of your limited home space. A gun safe or a jewellery safe take up too much area because they are positioned on the floor, and there is a potential of the thief finding out the site. On the other hand, a wall safe makes use of vertical space, allowing you to place the safe anyplace in your house, in the most inconspicuous location. Compared to a gun safe or a jewellery safe, a wall safe will not take up as much space.

  1. Less Noticeable

Even in a place that accommodates many people, a wall safe can be easily hidden, and as a result, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack when it comes to discovering a wall safe. Only the owner knows where the safe is; it can be in the kitchen, closet, storeroom, bathroom, or any other part of the house, as long as it is securely protected. Furthermore, a picture or other ordinary wall hanging can readily disguise the position.

In addition, floor safes are more accessible to locate than wall safes; the burglar merely needs to listen closely for the cracking of his footsteps as he walks around the house to detect a hollow area on the floor.

  1. Simple to Conceal

You may have located the ideal location for your wall safe, but hiding it behind portraits, paintings, mirrors, or other typical wall hangings can deter a robber even more. Some newer safes even have a photo frame that requires a code to remove. This implies that even if a burglar is aware that there is a safe behind the image, they will be unable to access it. You might even put it in the kitchen behind equipment such as refrigerators and dishwashers. Such heavy objects will undoubtedly slow down a burglar, in addition to being less visible.

  1. Easier Installation

In contrast to other 2nd hand safes for sale, wall safes weigh less than floor safes; therefore, they can be transported and installed fast with no issues. For wall safe installation, it is always recommended that you hire a professional emergency locksmith since they will arrive with all the necessary instruments and be prepared with a suitable remedy if something unexpected arises. All you must do is choose a location that is conveniently accessible while also being the least likely for people or thieves to suspect the presence of a safe.A wall safe, unlike other safes, does not require additional room; they are lightweight and may be put in almost any wall.

  1. Affordable

2nd hand wall safes for sale are relatively inexpensive; the price range begins at $100 and climbs proportionally, depending on the security provided. If you want to keep your monetary and sentimental worth secure from theft or even through a natural disaster, then a wall safe is your best alternative.

Why Choose a 2nd Hand Safe?

A safe is built to last, so don’t be fooled into thinking that buying a 2nd hand safe is the same as buying used furniture. We understand you may have concerns about purchasing a pre-used safe. However, purchasing a safe from a reputable licenced safe dealer rather than purchasing one from an individual via eBay, Gumtree, or other reselling platforms is a stress-free option that does not put your security at risk.

You can be confident that your used safe has appropriately been inspected to meet the highest requirements with a reputable safe supplier. Including quality assurance tests on the locking mechanism, locking bolt work, safe body, and door construction, and that it provides maximum locking.

Installing A Wall Safe: Who to Call

Installing a wall safe will not only safeguard your costly possessions from theft but will also provide you with peace of mind when you are away from home. We hope that this post has provided you with all the information you need.

Although many wall safes come with installation kits and manuals, hiring a reputable safe specialist is always a good idea. While it may appear that installing a safe on your own is simple, there may be underlying difficulties, such as water lines or electrical connections, that complicate your installation or, worse, cause injury or property damage.

To ensure safety, consult a professional safe installer who will examine your wall and, if required, suggest a better location for your wall safe. A safe installer will also have all the necessary tools for the task and will be prepared to respond quickly if anything goes wrong.

But remember that a safe is only as good as its ability to lock. A skilled safe locksmith will evaluate the security of your locking system and provide recommendations for improvements.

In the event that you are unable to unlock your wall safe, contact an emergency locksmith for assistance. Instead, contact an emergency locksmith if you’ve tried and it still won’t open. You don’t want to accidentally damage the lock, resulting in the high cost of a new safe, or, at the absolute least, waste valuable time for something that a skilled emergency locksmith could have done in a matter of minutes.

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