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7 Reasons Why Timber-Look Tiles is a Modern Bathroom Design Trend in 2022!

January 28, 2022
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Warm and inviting, wood flooring provides a relaxing atmosphere and brings the outdoors in. Unfortunately, natural wood isn’t an ideal option in a bathroom because it can’t withstand water, humidity, dogs, or children. However, porcelain timber-look tiles combine the best of both worlds for homeowners.

Wood-look porcelain first became available around a decade ago, and its popularity has grown steadily since then. Recently with the advancement of production manufacturing, wood-look porcelain tiles look almost impeccable against the raw material! Plus, wood-look porcelain tiles are ideal for bathrooms because they are waterproof, resilient, and slip-resistant when textured.

One thing is for sure this modern bathroom design idea is here to stay on-trend. So, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of timber look tiles so you can grasp a better modern bathroom idea that will suit your next bathroom renovation.

  1. Low Maintenance

Natural wood flooring needs ongoing upkeep and attention, requiring periodic sealing to preserve the wood in good condition. Otherwise, the beauty of natural wood flooring can soon fade if it is not sealed. In contrast, the glazed surface of porcelain timber-look tiles is simple to clean and maintain. Now we can create the timber effect in bathrooms without worrying about moisture damage.

  1. Warms Up Any Bathroom

What better way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere than to lay down timber flooring? The inherent beauty of genuine wood is incredibly appealing and does not fade over time. Timber floors can also create a neutral backdrop that allows other modern bathroom ideas to shine. Modern bathroom designs in need of texture, tone, or rusticity can benefit from the timber-look tiles.

  1. Durable

Porcelain is incredibly durable and scratch-resistant. They do not expand and compress as much as actual wood does at different temperatures. Instead, they are water and stain-resistant since they have a glazed surface. Fortunately, wood-look tiles don’t need to be sealed regularly or require any other particular attention. Because wood appearance floor tiles are so robust, you may use them outside or even in a business setting!

  1. Look Just as Authentic as Raw Timber

Timber-look tiles now accurately reproduce all the subtleties, grains, and knots seen in genuine wood. With the latest ink-jet technology, tile producers can now generate designs so lifelike that you’d assume it’s genuine wood at first glance. We can now have the appearance of wood but with all the technical capabilities of porcelain and none of the continuous upkeep that comes with utilising a natural product.

  1. Better for the Environment

Unlike genuine wood, which has been harvested, several manufacturers use a percentage of recycled materials to create wood look tiles. As a result, they negatively influence the environment, making them perfect for ecologically aware individuals.

  1. Endless Aesthetic Options Available

The most compelling reason so many people choose wood floor tiles with a porcelain body is that they are just lovely. Innovative technology and cutting-edge design principles have combined to create a collection of stunning tiles that frequently outshine genuine wood flooring.

Timber-like tiles, whether oak, cedar, or Scandi-style pine, now not only seem more authentic but also come in lengths that match the rest of your home’s flooring.

Timber-look tiles have significantly increased the possibilities accessible to bathroom renovators, particularly those aiming to create the trendy spa-like sanctuary. For example, choosing a screen-free shower, tucking the drain along the wall, and running timber-look tiles from the floor up the wall dramatically increase the sensation of spaciousness.

  1. Mix Multiple “Wood” Tiles for A Unique And Elevated Look.

Mixing and combining timber appearance tiles is one of Perth’s newest trends. This produces a vibrant and striking contrast between your bathroom’s floors and walls. We recommend selecting a cooler colour on your walls and a warm wood alternative for your floors. This will make your bathroom seem more inviting while maintaining a clean and sophisticated appearance.

What to Consider When Shopping for Timber Look Tiles

Glazed porcelain timber-look tiles are long-lasting, stain-resistant, and require little care. The timber-look tile trend is definitely rising in popularity. It is here to stay with such a wide selection of types available, plus new and distinctive patterns introduced all the time.

While manufacturers print a representation of the wood grain into the porcelain tile, it does not appear natural to repeat the same grain pattern throughout the floor. Instead, a graphical repetition is what this is called. For example, a reputable high-end product maker will utilise up to 100 “faces, screens, or photographs” to give their product a more lifelike aspect.

Today, several different kinds of porcelain are utilised to create wood-look tiles, and in fact. Because high-level porcelain tile has a considerably greater breaking point, it is the best choice for kitchen and bathroom applications. So, it’s not the tile that’s at risk if you drop something heavy on a high-level porcelain tile!

Another rating called the PEI rating goes along with the Porcelain Enamel Institute breakage ratings. This is a scratch resistance rating ranging from 1 to 5, with one the easiest to scratch and five the most scratch resistant. For residential uses, look for a rating of 3 or above.

No matter what, the most important consideration for homeowners shopping for timber look like is sourcing their product from a reputable bathroom renovations company. They can supply you with modern bathroom ideas to ensure your modern bathroom design is both uniquely aesthetic to your preferences and has all the functionality a busy bathroom would require.

So, what are you waiting for? Enquire with skilled bathroom renovators today and make your modern bathroom ideas come to life!

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