Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel | Can You Use It To Fight Against COVID-19

March 2, 2021
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Before this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit the globe, washing hands with soap and water was considered as a healthy habit. However, to prevent germs and avoid contamination on a daily basis, alcohol hand sanitiser gel is gaining immense popularity at present.

There are many brands available that claims to provide the best hand sanitizer consisting above 60% alcohol in it. So, can you trust the effectiveness of these products when it comes to safeguard your family or prevent Covid-19?

In this post, I am going to discuss some important facts about using alcohol-based hand sanitisers. Thereafter, it is upto you which hand sanitiser brand or composition to choose for your loved ones.

Few Points to Consider while Choosing Alcohol-based Hand Sanitiser Gel

As per the guidelines issued by the government or CDC to minimize the outbreak of this deadly virus, alcohol hand sanitiser gel is recommended. It is one of the best alternatives for cleaning your hands when no soap and water is available nearby.

In spite of having awareness of hand hygiene, I was still in confusion about which sanitiser to choose and why. To address similar queries from people and help them select the best sanitiser gel, I am suggesting the following points.

Check the Composition

Most alcohol hand sanitisers contain isopropanol, ethanol, or combination of these both. According to many microbiologists, hand sanitiser gel made of ethanol (or ethyl alcohol) are comparatively safe. It is also believed to kill certain germs and bacteria by 97%.

However, you must always use these sanitisers as directed and under expert’s supervision for fighting Corona germs. According to CDC, a sanitiser having alcohol concentration between 60 to 95% can inactivate or kill viruses effectively.

Right Amount & Usage

Sometimes, using a popular hand sanitiser brand containing alcohol doesn’t guarantee effective protection from contamination. It also requires awareness about the direction of application, quantity of gel, and frequency for best results.

From several resources what I have found is, you should never apply hand sanitisers if your hands are not clean enough. So, if there is dirt, grease, or oil on your hands, sanitiser can’t penetrate to your skin or fight germs.

Also, you need to make sure that the alcohol-based gel is rubbed over all important surfaces until hands are dry. I would also suggest you apply the sanitiser on your fingers and back of palms as well.

Avoid Swallowing or Consumption

Not only adults but children are also stuck in their houses due to this pandemic situation. Hence, you need to pay extra attention to where to store hand sanitiser for safety of them.

There are incidents where children, young adults, and older people end up consuming these products. The reason can include attractive bottle or packaging, color and scent of gel, or thinking it as alcohol.

Therefore, no matter what brand you prefer for sanitizing your hands but storing the product in a safe place is mandatory. Swallowing above a certain amount of the gel can result in alcohol poisoning.

As per my opinion, you will find many hand sanitiser brands but their preparation procedure might not be as per WHO guidelines. Whereas, the alcohol hand sanitiser gel manufactured by is prepared using recommended formulation and can kill Covid-19 viruses.

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