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4 Top Keyword Research Tools For Your PPC Campaign

March 2, 2021
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If you talking about the most profitable and productive digital marketing practice, nothing can beat the trending and most demanding PPC advertising campaign. The best thing about this campaign is you can find the right audience, build your revenue, and in the end enjoy the high search engine rankings with minimum efforts.

Whoa, hold on! For all these benefits, you need only one factor – brand-specific keywords. Choosing proper keywords is not just important, it is necessary when you set of managing your PPC campaigns.

Most advertisers look forward to hiring the PPC management services in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, or other regions. They believe experts are specialized in managing the overall campaign including finding the best keywords using proper keyword research tools. Absolutely right.

It’s good to rely on experts but it is not good to blindly rely on, having zero knowledge about the tools and techniques. Here in this article, we are going to share the top keyword-research tools used by the PPC experts.

4 Top keyword research tools to use for your PPC ad campaign

1. Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool offered by Google AdWords. More often this is used by SEO experts. However, the PPC experts use this tool to research keywords and analyze them for better performance.

With this tool, you can determine sets of keywords that are relevant to your campaign. This can be performed by measuring the search volumes for each keyword every month. Being a free research tool, you can use it to gather the right keywords for your growing site.

Simple enter a primary keyword and Google will provide you with several keywords related to the search term. By this, you can generate a list of keywords having high user intent. Apart from the search volume, you can even identify the competitive metrics of all your keywords along with the campaign run on AdWords.

2. Wordstream:

Another most sophisticated keyword research tool is Wordstream. It offers highly relevant keywords and allows the users to perform comprehensive analyses on them.

With Wordstream, you can get a collection of long-tail keywords. These keywords when incorporated into your PPC campaign, turn the campaign successful and more productive. We often find people are using long-tail keywords in their search query, especially the query made using voice devices.

The tool is extremely known for its suggestions on keywords. The best thing is you can perform a maximum of 30 search queries on this platform and expect an impressive result for the campaign in the end. Surprisingly, this search base is a home for trillion search queries.

Wordstream is a free tool to look for when you want to have a keyword analysis. But you can even have the option for a premium to access other features like Google Search Volume and Competitor Analysis. The more you use them, the better will be your keyword research quality remote employee monitoring software.

3. Wordtracker Scout:

When you are opting for a keyword research tool, nothing can be more convenient and amusing than your Wordtracker Scout. From gaining great suggestions to finding your competitors, you can have a worthwhile investment.

Other than tracking your keywords, you can use this Wordtracker to determine the job of your competitors. Evaluate the keywords on which competitors are much more focused. By learning their activities, you can optimize your campaign and lead it to success.

Do you want a healthy competition? You must not forget to use Wordtracker Scout. You can add the extension with your Google Chrome to make quick access to the research process. This makes the tool much more convenient for the users. Be it SEO or PPC, using this tool is of great advantage.

4. Ubersuggest:

Are you looking for a strong tool to research brand-specific keywords? Ubersuggest is the best option. If you are a newbie to PPC services marketing and want something easy and effective, you must go for this tool.

Ubersuggest is free to use as other tools. No matter what type of campaign you have dreamt of, the tool gives you access to the relevant keywords so that you can build a successful campaign for your brand.

From generating filtered data to getting a comprehensive report on competitor performance, Ubersuggest is the top-notch tool to choose from. The amazing thing is it uses Google Search Console and Google Analytics to find appropriate keyword information across the web.


Keywords have the potential to drive the right audience to the landing pages. It can increase the CTR of the ad and make it appear more whenever the relevant search is made.

The tools mentioned above are designed to determine the right keywords for every PPC ad. They are usually based on the phrase match type and exact match type. Although you can even find the broad match type keywords to define your ad, they are not useful for a PPC ad campaign.

Aren’t the experts at a white label digital marketing agency well-aware of these tools and techniques? If yes, just share your requirements and run a PPC ad campaign at a budget-friendly rate.

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