Wide Cropped Pants

How to Style Wide Cropped Pants – Brief Guide for Men and Women

March 13, 2021
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Wide cropped pants are revolutionary. These pants do not hold a novel concept. Apart from the leather jackets trend, which never goes out of style, and people opt to buy leather jackets each year, these cropped pants are a bit different. They have been on and off in trend since the 1920s.

Wide cropped pants also referred to as wide-legged trousers, were first introduced as a school uniform just like the leather jackets that were introduced as military suits. However, in present times wide cropped pants hold a unique concept of baggy clothes.

Also, it is considered that people prefer to wear more comfortable clothes with time. And for that, wide cropped pants offer a very relaxed feeling with just a simple t-shirt and sneakers.

Thankfully, wide-cropped pants let you dress up in a comfortable yet super classy style. You just don’t need to try harder to present yourself in a contemporary fashion statement, wide cropped pants will definitely do the job for you.

There are many different styles attached to the wide-cropped pants. It could either be chinos with pleats or fitted flappers. Besides, going with wide denim pants is the way to go in this new trend for both genders.

Styles For Women

For women, wide-cropped pants go really well with fitted tops. Whether you choose to wear a crop top or a fitted jacket, you’ll look elegant if you have wide-cropped pants below. These pants nicely fit onto the upper parts of your legs, giving your legs a good detailed look through the wide and broad ends.

The style-centric women can pair wide cropped pants with almost anything they love for their casual appearances. After all, it also depends on the way you carry certain attires. Wide cropped pants also give you a slight flapper look.

For women’s smart casual look, you can go along with a well-fitted crew neck t-shirt with denim or black-colored wide cropped pants. Make sure everything fits perfectly. This will prevent you from having a balloon-shaped look, offering a polished, and neat appearance.

Styles For Men

However, for men, wide-cropped pants go well with baggy uppers or jackets, most likely giving a 19th-century look when baggy jeans and trousers were in trend for men. Even today, a lot of rappers and singing superstars opt to wear wide-cropped pants.

Influenced by their favorite stars, many teenagers opt for this look as their casual clothing style.

If you are a fan of comfortable and casual clothing, then you must be the one who wears chinos a lot. We all are aware that chinos offer a smart casual look and sometimes can go really well with formal clothing. So, why not try wide-cropped pants?

Besides, consider wide cropped pants and pleats as perfect for each other. Completing and forming a great and high-end stylish look for men. Also, casual looks are easy to carry.

If we talk about a smart casual look, the best thing to start off with is navy or black colored cropped pants, preferably made with woolen fabric along with a simple leather jacket on top.

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